FITCAMX works with distributors around the world.

With the growing demand for dash cams, we are constantly looking to bring on new partners on board to help further catapult dash cams. If you install, have a car dealership, a retail storefront, an autobody or repair shop, or have a following on social media – we encourage you to explore the various partnership opportunities below.

If you are the sales manager or owner of a dealership, then this program was designed for you. More new cars are being outfitted with dash cams every day by concerned drivers who want to protect their new purchase, so join in the opportunity. As your dealership works closely with customers, dash cams can be an effective value-adding business opportunity for you in generating additional revenue, as well as providing that extra level of support for your customers.

By partnering with FITCAMX, we can provide installation support and after-sales support.

If you sell automotive products including audio systems, radar detectors, performance parts, or you operate an automotive shop, then adding dash cams as an additional category in your product lineup and service can be an extremely value adding opportunity.

Become a FITCAMX partner, and leverage our product knowledge to your sales advantage today.

FITCAMX’s social media channels are on a roll. If you have a follower base on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok and can see yourself creating content about driving and dash cams, go and get in touch with us for a potential partnership.

Need cool products to review? We got that for you. You can also join our successful team of affiliates and create your personalized discount code to get you an additional revenue stream for your content, too!

By connecting consumers with a quality product from your trusted dash cam experts, we can help you turn your audience into commission earnings.

We will settle your commissions at the end of each month, after the order is confirm completed (shipped and received) and no return or refunded payments.

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