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Start your new Driving trip with FITCAMX

FITCAMX is eager to enhance our customer's driving experience with an innovative design and a reliable quality. We are committed to R&D and innovation in the imaging field, providing world-class visual perceptual solutions for industry customers and users.


Enjoy Driving, Enjoy Life

FITCAMX always concentrates on the exploitation and innovation of OEM look dash cams, and its unique wireless installation is recognized and favored by the majority of car owners. Up to now, FITCAMX has 8000 dedicated car models, covering a majority of common cars in the market.

In 2015, FITCAMX developed the first OEM-style dash cam with a 1:1 restoration of the original rearview mirror back cover shape design, which will not block the driving line of sight.

In 2017, the first plug and play dash cam on the market was developed by FITCAMX. It takes power from rain sensor/reading light/adaptive cruise sensor/sunroof and other equipment. It is easy to install and does not affect the car warranty.

" R&D team leader: John Wilson "

Always protected, wherever you go

We create TOP quality and professional dash cam. Our products go through sophisticated manufacturing and testing processes. All our products are checked and tested by professional man, who are involved from start to finish.

FITCAMX products comply with international safety standards, obtaining CE, FCC, PSE, Giteki, CCC, ROHS, SRRC certification.

FITCAMX, being a fast-growing and reliable company, shows the great potential to be a core leader of global trading.