Smart Key Remote Control X-900
Smart Key Remote Control X-900
Smart Key Remote Control X-900
Smart Key Remote Control X-900
Smart Key Remote Control X-900
Smart Key Remote Control X-900

Smart Key Remote Control X-900

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【Support Push to Start Engine Models】You can install the FITCAMX smart key as long as your car has a Push to Start engine button, plus no need to insert the original car key into the ignition hole when starting car engine. (The smart LCD key only has 4 buttons, if the original car key has 5 buttons, you need to give up 1 button.)

【Keyless Entry】No Coding, No Wiring and Soldering the keys, just plug it in the OBD adapter then can realize the Keyless Entry function. When you approach the car for a certain distance, the car will automatically unlock. And When you are off the car, the car locks automatically.

【2 Inch IPS Touch Screen】Fashionable and cool shape, FITCAMX smart control key fob makes the out-dated original car key cool and high class!

【DIY Your Car Wallpaper】You can upload the customized vehicle pictures and brand Logo thus creating your exclusive smart key. Just make a image in PNG format by computer, then upload it by the data cable. We can also help you to make it.

【Auto Window Lift & Folding Rear View Mirror】This function will automatically on as you leave the car, in the case your original car has the function of automatic window lifting and automatic rear view mirror folding. No need to press the key buttons manually. (Only supports for certain vehicle models)

【Use Both Physical Buttons & Screen Keys 】When the car key battery is low, the physical buttons on the smart key can still be used for 1-2 months. No need to worry that forget to re-charge will affect normal use.

Q: My original car key has 5 buttons, but the smart key only has 4 buttons, what should I do?

A: Only 4 of the most important buttons can be selected to connect to the smart key, you have to abandon one of the function buttons.

Q: Do I still need to use the original car key to start the engine after upgrading to the smart key?

A: No you don't. Because the PCB circuit board of the original car key has been transferred to Fitcamx smart key, which features the function of starting engine.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge and how long does one charge last?

A: A full charge takes about 2 hours, and the screen can be used for 3-4 days. When the screen cannot be turned on due to low battery, you can still use the physical buttons for 1-2 months, except keyless entry. Please charge as soon as possible.

Q: How can I tell if my key can be refitted to the smart key?

A: 2 conditions needed to meet: 1. Your car has a Push to start engine button. 2. When starting the engine, there is no need to insert the original car key into Ignition hole.

Q: How can I save the electricity?

A: Turn off the Keyless entry function. Because this function is connected via bluetooth which will consume electricity.

Q: What should I pay attention to during installation?

A: Please contact us for technical guidance if you encounter problems during installation. We have many soldering photos of different models for your reference.

Q: Why does the installation failed, and what is the general cause?

A: Usually it's the unskilled soldering technology that lead to wrong solder joints soldering, which cause a short circuit. Please clean up the solder joints at first, then contact us for more guidance.