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idea for driving

In 2015, Dongguan Daozhi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd was established to become a cutting edge innovative scientific enterprise. We are committed to R&D and innovation in the imaging field, providing world-class visual perceptual solutions for industry customers and users.

The FITCAMX brand is currently registered trademarks in the United States and Europe.

FITCAMX always concentrates on the exploitation and innovation of OEM look dash cams, and its unique wireless installation is recognized and favored by the majority of car owners. Up to now, FITCAMX has 8000 dedicated car models, covering a majority of common cars in the market.

Our factory is located in Dongguan and Shenzhen, a famous manufacturing city in China.30 people in R&D team and 80 people in sales team.The products produced and sold include dash cam and LCD remote control key.




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